Contact Us

The best way to reach the developers with questions is by following this link to join our user’s group. You can also reach us by email:

This is the current team of faculty and students involved in research, development and testing of middleware currently integrated (or planned to) with the Grid appliance.

  • Graduate students:
    • Rhett Aultman – decentralized scheduling with Condor
    • Arijit Ganguly – IPOP overlay routing, distributed hash table
    • Pierre St. Juste – Host activity monitoring, characterization of firewalls/NATs
    • David Wolinsky – Grid appliance design, implementation and deployment; PlanetLab deployment and management; Web and graphical user interface
    • Jiangyan Xu – FUSE file systems (DHT, BitTorrent)
  • Faculty: P. O. Boykin, Renato Figueiredo

Our collaborators:

  • UF’s Civil and Coastal Engineering: Justin Davis, Peter Sheng, Vladimir Paramygin, Bilge Tutak